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Drawger, illoz & The i Spot

11 Dec

Drawger, illoz & The i Spot are all artist profile hosting sites, that keep to a very selective community of professional artists. Drawger & illoz, created by the same team, I would say are sister sites. TheiSpot is also an avenue for the artist members to sell their work directly from the site. Drawger was my favorite, with their modern web-layout and bright color scheme. Not to mention, all the superb sarcastic sass! Don’t believe me? Read their About Page. I was very amused.

There were many really eye-catching artists throughout each site, such as the ones below…

 IRON FISH -by Jeffrey Alan Love

  BAFTA -by jonathan burton

 Brooklyn-by Elisabeth Alba

Coming from the artist Community DeviantART, it’s really fascinating to see the elite versions.

Bethani Jenkins

Established in 1993


little pictures I like to draw

Art of Loukash



Give me the pieces to your puzzle and I will complete the picture for you.

Crystals Blog GDT-142

A great WordPress.com site


Give me the pieces to your puzzle and I will complete the picture

Ryan B. 13/FA GDT-142-01

A college assignment!

Krista's Blog 116

All about the Graphics.

Deardorffdesign's Blog

Just another WordPress.com site

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