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Yana Moskaluk- Vector Artist

12 Oct

This week, we are able to choose our choice of an Illustrator/Vector Artist to write about, and I came to the startling realization that I did not follow many artists who worked mainly in vectors (sadly, the few that I did, they’re style had long since lost my interest). So the hunt began! However, It only took me a few moments to discover an artist who truly “WOW’d” me.

Meet Yana Moskaluk,

A digital artist from Russia whose astounding gift for wielding Adobe Illustrator like Photoshop, along with her tastes for the dark whimsy left me agape.

Ligeia -by Yana Moskaluk

Zmey G. -by Yana Moskaluk

Almaznaya -by Yana Moskaluk

Fox -by Yana Moskaluk

Yana’s work varies from personal takes on Russian fairy tales (seen above) to commercial pieces for magazines and the like (right and left).

Her use of fluid use line, heavy pattern and limited (yet pungent) color palette I think is what draws me in the most.

Definitely looking forward to seeing more of her work, and learning from her unique style.

You can view Yana Moskaluk’s gallery here: http://ya-na.deviantart.com/

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