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Creative project 4: self portrait, final version

11 Dec


Added finishing effects and tweaked minor details. 

Based on this picture:



Creative Project 4: Self Portrait ver. 2

22 Nov




Version Two
Obviously a lot more to correct and add, but I actually started having fun with it.

Made with Adobe Illustrator

Michael Schwab Creative Project- Final Version

26 Oct


Changed type font, added slight gradients to clouds & small edits. Pretty happy with the end result.

Michael Schwab creative project: Draft 01

16 Oct


  Travel stamp-like art piece inspired by Michael Schwab.

  I think I need to cut out the gradients and add more black?

Yana Moskaluk- Vector Artist

12 Oct

This week, we are able to choose our choice of an Illustrator/Vector Artist to write about, and I came to the startling realization that I did not follow many artists who worked mainly in vectors (sadly, the few that I did, they’re style had long since lost my interest). So the hunt began! However, It only took me a few moments to discover an artist who truly “WOW’d” me.

Meet Yana Moskaluk,

A digital artist from Russia whose astounding gift for wielding Adobe Illustrator like Photoshop, along with her tastes for the dark whimsy left me agape.

Ligeia -by Yana Moskaluk

Zmey G. -by Yana Moskaluk

Almaznaya -by Yana Moskaluk

Fox -by Yana Moskaluk

Yana’s work varies from personal takes on Russian fairy tales (seen above) to commercial pieces for magazines and the like (right and left).

Her use of fluid use line, heavy pattern and limited (yet pungent) color palette I think is what draws me in the most.

Definitely looking forward to seeing more of her work, and learning from her unique style.

You can view Yana Moskaluk’s gallery here: http://ya-na.deviantart.com/

Gerard Huerta

8 Oct

Gerard Huerta’s portfolio (http://www.gerardhuerta.com/) is filled with his fantastic designs from iconic logos


popular magazine covers, and other entertainment graphics. His logos (like above) are sleek and minimalistic, as well as detailed and nostalgic.


His graphic design work is very intricate, with the striking type (font and placement), strong colors, and use of patterns and borders. I really love his magazine covers and posters because of this.

Huerta’s work is very inspiring!


Mythical Creature-Final Version

7 Oct

Mythical Creature-Final Version

In agreement with my Professor, the previous versions felt too Disney. So I went for more of a Tolkien theme. Swords are fun to build.


Creative Project 1 -Mythical Creature VER.2

22 Sep

Creative Project 1 -Mythical Creature VER.2

Our current creative project using Adobe Illustrator. (This is stage 1 -it will be our project over the next few weeks)

Added a face, some shading and more to the background, using shapes and pencil tools.

Ron Chan

11 Sep

One of my assignments this week was to study several artists who use Illustrator, and Mr. Ron Chan was the springboard –well, I didn’t end up jumping off into the pool of other artists because I was so enamoured with his own artwork. (Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be browsing the others too…eventually)

His simple, clean-line (yet chalky), retro style instantly took me back about ten years to my favorite children’s book, “Harry the Dirty Dog“.


I’m just smitten with this simplistic 2D figures and use of line. So charming!Image

I also love how each of his pieces tell a story -this one just cracks me up.Image

And although his theme carries a very nostalgic (50’s-)60’s sense with the block shapes, color scheme and layout, the more you look the more you see that it’s equally relevant and modern -a story of it’s own . The only thing I didn’t like, was that there weren’t more pages of his work to look through!

Mr. Ron Chan’s artwork and legacy really makes me smile, and inspires me to keep moving forward.

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