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Creative project 4: self portrait, final version

11 Dec


Added finishing effects and tweaked minor details. 

Based on this picture:



Creative Project 4: Self Portrait v.3

4 Dec

portrait03Version 3

Added misc. detail and further shading

Creative Project 4: Self Portrait ver. 2

22 Nov




Version Two
Obviously a lot more to correct and add, but I actually started having fun with it.

Made with Adobe Illustrator

Creative Project: Web Icons -Final Version

13 Nov


Final Version

  1. Home,
  2. Watch,
  3. Previous,
  4. Next,
  5. Account,
  6. Cart,
  7. Settings,
  8. Share,
  9. Logout

Creative Project: Icon Set, Version 2

11 Nov


7 out of the 9 Icons.

After losing my original file to string of unfortunate events, and having to start ALL OVER AGAIN, this was as far as I could get. Will be adding some gradients and more detail, for the final version. Original sketches here


Creative Project- Web Icons, version 1

30 Oct

Creative Project- Web Icons, version 1

I’ve started out with some draft sketches, (didn’t want to rush right in, so I’ve been considering several ideas) running with a steam/cyberpunk theme.
Had the thought of the icons being “used” for a an artist’s portfolio or shop website.
(I would totally use these for my own if I had one)
Basic icon functions:
Account, Settings, Home, Previous & Next Page, Watch (follow), Cart, Share, and Log-Out/sign-in

As I get further into the vector work, I may tone-down the detail.

Michael Schwab Creative Project- Final Version

26 Oct


Changed type font, added slight gradients to clouds & small edits. Pretty happy with the end result.

Michael Schwab Creative Project: version 2

19 Oct


Added tree branches (which are commonly seen in pictures of Mount Fuji), also, made clouds solid instead of transparent, and lastly, changed the moon a bit.

Michael Schwab creative project: Draft 01

16 Oct


  Travel stamp-like art piece inspired by Michael Schwab.

  I think I need to cut out the gradients and add more black?


Mythical Creature-Final Version

7 Oct

Mythical Creature-Final Version

In agreement with my Professor, the previous versions felt too Disney. So I went for more of a Tolkien theme. Swords are fun to build.


Creative Project 1 -Mythical Creature VER.2

22 Sep

Creative Project 1 -Mythical Creature VER.2

Our current creative project using Adobe Illustrator. (This is stage 1 -it will be our project over the next few weeks)

Added a face, some shading and more to the background, using shapes and pencil tools.


Creative Project 1-Mythical Creature

19 Sep

Creative Project 1-Mythical Creature

Our current creative project using Adobe Illustrator. (This is stage 1 -it will be our project over the next few weeks)

I originally chose a fox/centaur collab, however, it turned out a little too Nintendo and not enough Mythical. So I resorted back to the…normal…centaur.
Using shapes to build the main base, I then formed some together or traced over them with the freehand tool. I’m excited to add a ridiculous amount of detail, now that I’ve gotten the gist of how to use this crazy program.

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