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Glitschka Studios

22 Nov

(Von)Glitschka Studios is a Creative Illustration business, who have worked on projects ranging from Company logos, to a book cover for NaNoWrimo! They work with both big industry clients (like Adobe and Disney) and small business owners. Their bold and vibrant graphics definitely make a statement, and have won several awards.

Check out their site here, it’s a really interesting look-through (especially their lettering)!


Creative Project 4: Self Portrait ver. 2

22 Nov




Version Two
Obviously a lot more to correct and add, but I actually started having fun with it.

Made with Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator Tutorial

20 Nov

The website Vector Boom is an outstanding resource for Illustrator tutorials and tips.

Here, Natalie Ulrich has a tutorial series,

Effective Methods of Working in Adobe Illustrator

(8 in total), ranging from how to use the very basic tools to the more advanced. She is very detailed in her instruction, and has many picture references. A wonderful reference for the learning novice, or the professional who just needs a little reminder.

Creative Project: Web Icons -Final Version

13 Nov


Final Version

  1. Home,
  2. Watch,
  3. Previous,
  4. Next,
  5. Account,
  6. Cart,
  7. Settings,
  8. Share,
  9. Logout

Creative Project: Icon Set, Version 2

11 Nov


7 out of the 9 Icons.

After losing my original file to string of unfortunate events, and having to start ALL OVER AGAIN, this was as far as I could get. Will be adding some gradients and more detail, for the final version. Original sketches here

Realistic Vector Artists

10 Nov

Art by: W Forrest

This piece, by W Forrest, is incredibly life-like! Yet you can still see the “brush-strokes” in it, and I think that’s why it stood out to me, from the rest.

Another photo-realistic vector I found, just completely floored me. The (Im)Maculate Complexion -by AngstromAlliance
(!Browse with caution, contains some adult-male stupidity!)

Both artworks were created using mesh and pen tools. I cannot believe this kind of imagery can be obtained through Illustrator, it’s really impressive and inspiring.

One day, I aim to become this skilled …..with Photoshop!
*runs and hides*


Bethani Jenkins

Established in 1993


little pictures I like to draw

Art of Loukash


Give me the pieces to your puzzle and I will complete the picture for you.

Crystals Blog GDT-142

A great site


Give me the pieces to your puzzle and I will complete the picture

Ryan B. 13/FA GDT-142-01

A college assignment!

Deardorffdesign's Blog

Just another site

Keep Calm & Crop On

You have entered the realm of a digital-arts college student....did you bring coffee?

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