Marian Bantjes and Louis Fishauf

27 Sep

This week’s artist study assignment is Marian Bantjes and Louis Fishauf.

Marian’s website should come with a seizure warning! (I’ve never been so overwhelmed with pattern and that I wanted to pull my eyes out, until I tapped into her website.) Regardless, I really am impressed by her textile designs and patterns, especially in her book covers.


Her use of physical texture is also pretty interesting, for example, to create the design on the fan, she used nail polish!


Props to thinking out of the usual toolbox! (you’ve been warned)
Louis Fishauf’s (website is beautiful) minimalist editorial design is very eye-catching.
His placement of text in this spread for example.


His graphic design is definitely attention-getting, fun and colorful, and a little chaotic with graphics but not insane. lfishauf3 (it’s pretty)

It was really neat looking at both of these artists, I learned two things for sure:

1) You can do so many things with your artwork or aesthetic sense, so go for it all.
2) Be kind to the design students, and do not ever use swirlies on your website background.


2 Responses to “Marian Bantjes and Louis Fishauf”

  1. Cathy Hixson October 2, 2013 at 2:25 PM #

    Hello Olivia,
    I enjoy looking at your blog. Your blog entries are brief – but to the point, and the thumbnails you place in your articles are good at illustrating your points, and add interest to your articles. I’m trying to write less in mine; I think I’m so wordy because of not being sure what I’m supposed to be commenting on. I would like to put thumbnails of artists in my blog entries, but so far I have not succeeded – do you have any suggestions? Thank you, Cathy Hixson

    • Olivia October 2, 2013 at 5:05 PM #

      Hello Cathy!

      Thank you very much! I’m so glad you think so, I was afraid they’d be too brief or rambling-ish!

      As far as what to comment on, I really just try to analyze what the “key phrases/objectives” are in what my Professor gives in the assignments, and write out all my thoughts, then just cut back on any fluff or redundancies.But I think that if there is a subject that really interests you, go ahead and write all you want about it! (Maybe have a short summary ahead of it, for the Professor’s sake though)

      For the thumbnails, there are two ways (that I know of) you can insert an image into a text format post. After writing/pasting in your text (by writing first it helps to keep the format once you put images in) you can either insert photo from “file” or by “URL”.
      1. If you have saved the picture to your computer, you can upload it by clicking on “add media” then “upload files”. I suggest checking to make sure your image is web quality before uploading.
      2. To insert via URL, right click on the image from the website, click “copy image url” and paste the url into the url box in the uploader window. Then post!

      When uploading either way gives you options panel to add a title, modify size, attach a url, and select alignment. You can also do this after inserting the image. by right clicking while hovering over the image, two icons appear: a little mountain picture and an X (delete). clicking the picture icon, you can access the same modification options in a window that will pop up. You can always go back in and readjust the settings.
      And that’s it!

      I hope this helps! If not I’d be happy to help further.
      Thanks Cathy!

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