30 Aug

is a magazine for digital artists of all kinds, created in 1963.


Browsing through the website, several pages really popped out at me; like tutorials page, featuring a webinar of Wes Maggio (a WACOM specialist) demonstrating how to utilize your tablet in all applications. The only thing that disappointed me about this, was that not only was it the only tutorial, but it was also a year old. I hope they post something new, seeing as how we digital artists live off tutorials as much as coffee.

GDUSA also holds links to design contests, ranging from public service announcements to packaging. I’ve always had an appreciation for out-of-the-box packaging design (is that an oxymoron?) so looking through the past winners was really inspiring. I have to say, my favorite was the Woody (Toy Story) toy box.


GDUSA’s fresh outlook and current news has caught my interest, and I look forward to keeping up with it!


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