Drawger, illoz & The i Spot

11 Dec

Drawger, illoz & The i Spot are all artist profile hosting sites, that keep to a very selective community of professional artists. Drawger & illoz, created by the same team, I would say are sister sites. TheiSpot is also an avenue for the artist members to sell their work directly from the site. Drawger was my favorite, with their modern web-layout and bright color scheme. Not to mention, all the superb sarcastic sass! Don’t believe me? Read their About Page. I was very amused.

There were many really eye-catching artists throughout each site, such as the ones below…

 IRON FISH -by Jeffrey Alan Love

  BAFTA -by jonathan burton

 Brooklyn-by Elisabeth Alba

Coming from the artist Community DeviantART, it’s really fascinating to see the elite versions.


Creative project 4: self portrait, final version

11 Dec


Added finishing effects and tweaked minor details. 

Based on this picture:


Creative Project 4: Self Portrait v.3

4 Dec

portrait03Version 3

Added misc. detail and further shading

Glitschka Studios

22 Nov

(Von)Glitschka Studios is a Creative Illustration business, who have worked on projects ranging from Company logos, to a book cover for NaNoWrimo! They work with both big industry clients (like Adobe and Disney) and small business owners. Their bold and vibrant graphics definitely make a statement, and have won several awards.

Check out their site here, it’s a really interesting look-through (especially their lettering)!

Creative Project 4: Self Portrait ver. 2

22 Nov




Version Two
Obviously a lot more to correct and add, but I actually started having fun with it.

Made with Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator Tutorial

20 Nov

The website Vector Boom is an outstanding resource for Illustrator tutorials and tips.

Here, Natalie Ulrich has a tutorial series,

Effective Methods of Working in Adobe Illustrator

(8 in total), ranging from how to use the very basic tools to the more advanced. She is very detailed in her instruction, and has many picture references. A wonderful reference for the learning novice, or the professional who just needs a little reminder.

Creative Project: Web Icons -Final Version

13 Nov


Final Version

  1. Home,
  2. Watch,
  3. Previous,
  4. Next,
  5. Account,
  6. Cart,
  7. Settings,
  8. Share,
  9. Logout

Creative Project: Icon Set, Version 2

11 Nov


7 out of the 9 Icons.

After losing my original file to string of unfortunate events, and having to start ALL OVER AGAIN, this was as far as I could get. Will be adding some gradients and more detail, for the final version. Original sketches here

Realistic Vector Artists

10 Nov

Art by: W Forrest

This piece, by W Forrest, is incredibly life-like! Yet you can still see the “brush-strokes” in it, and I think that’s why it stood out to me, from the rest.

Another photo-realistic vector I found, just completely floored me. The (Im)Maculate Complexion -by AngstromAlliance
(!Browse with caution, contains some adult-male stupidity!)

Both artworks were created using mesh and pen tools. I cannot believe this kind of imagery can be obtained through Illustrator, it’s really impressive and inspiring.

One day, I aim to become this skilled …..with Photoshop!
*runs and hides*



Creative Project- Web Icons, version 1

30 Oct

Creative Project- Web Icons, version 1

I’ve started out with some draft sketches, (didn’t want to rush right in, so I’ve been considering several ideas) running with a steam/cyberpunk theme.
Had the thought of the icons being “used” for a an artist’s portfolio or shop website.
(I would totally use these for my own if I had one)
Basic icon functions:
Account, Settings, Home, Previous & Next Page, Watch (follow), Cart, Share, and Log-Out/sign-in

As I get further into the vector work, I may tone-down the detail.

Chris Spollen & Daniel Pelavin

26 Oct

by Chris Spollen

Spollen and Pelavin are both vector artists whose styles are very different.  Spollen’s work takes an almost traditional-media feel, where Pelavin’s is starkly graphic.  I chose these two pieces because I thought they displayed their differences perfectly.

 With almost an identical theme, we can see the detail and ambient texture of Spollen’s train, seeming stoic and stopped, and how it is contrasted by the warm-toned one-dimensional shapes that set Pelavin’s train in motion by an angled line.

by Daniel Pelavin


Spollen (left) has a very steampunk taste with mechanical pieces and use of vintage photographs and toned texture, that appear in almost all his pieces in some form.

.Pelavin’s typography was fascinating to look through. The bold font styles, monochromatic or limited color schemes and playful placing, made for eye-catching pieces throughout his gallery. I especially liked his vintage styled logo’s such as this one (right).

I enjoyed, once again, looking and studying other artists’ work, and will take inspiration from them.

Michael Schwab Creative Project- Final Version

26 Oct


Changed type font, added slight gradients to clouds & small edits. Pretty happy with the end result.

A More Beautiful Question

23 Oct

I call this the “New Glimmersite replacement assignment”!

I was looking around Warren Berger’s site, Warren Berger & beautiful questions

http://amorebeautifulquestion.com/, and found an article of his that really intrigued me:

Mick Ebeling, Master Questioner

It’s about Mick Ebeling, an entrepreneur and philanthropist,

who invented a tool that would help a paralyzed artist draw again.
This really makes me so happy, I’d heard that there was something out there, but never learned what or by whom until now. Being an artist, one of my worst fears is that something would happen that would prevent me from drawing, so it’s incredibly comforting to know that there is a tool out there to help; and incredibly inspiring that Mark Noonan who took it upon himself to create it.

The Eyewriter

The man needs so many awards.

Michael Schwab Creative Project: version 2

19 Oct


Added tree branches (which are commonly seen in pictures of Mount Fuji), also, made clouds solid instead of transparent, and lastly, changed the moon a bit.

Michael Schwab creative project: Draft 01

16 Oct


  Travel stamp-like art piece inspired by Michael Schwab.

  I think I need to cut out the gradients and add more black?

Yana Moskaluk- Vector Artist

12 Oct

This week, we are able to choose our choice of an Illustrator/Vector Artist to write about, and I came to the startling realization that I did not follow many artists who worked mainly in vectors (sadly, the few that I did, they’re style had long since lost my interest). So the hunt began! However, It only took me a few moments to discover an artist who truly “WOW’d” me.

Meet Yana Moskaluk,

A digital artist from Russia whose astounding gift for wielding Adobe Illustrator like Photoshop, along with her tastes for the dark whimsy left me agape.

Ligeia -by Yana Moskaluk

Zmey G. -by Yana Moskaluk

Almaznaya -by Yana Moskaluk

Fox -by Yana Moskaluk

Yana’s work varies from personal takes on Russian fairy tales (seen above) to commercial pieces for magazines and the like (right and left).

Her use of fluid use line, heavy pattern and limited (yet pungent) color palette I think is what draws me in the most.

Definitely looking forward to seeing more of her work, and learning from her unique style.

You can view Yana Moskaluk’s gallery here: http://ya-na.deviantart.com/

Gerard Huerta

8 Oct

Gerard Huerta’s portfolio (http://www.gerardhuerta.com/) is filled with his fantastic designs from iconic logos


popular magazine covers, and other entertainment graphics. His logos (like above) are sleek and minimalistic, as well as detailed and nostalgic.


His graphic design work is very intricate, with the striking type (font and placement), strong colors, and use of patterns and borders. I really love his magazine covers and posters because of this.

Huerta’s work is very inspiring!


Mythical Creature-Final Version

7 Oct

Mythical Creature-Final Version

In agreement with my Professor, the previous versions felt too Disney. So I went for more of a Tolkien theme. Swords are fun to build.

Marian Bantjes and Louis Fishauf

27 Sep

This week’s artist study assignment is Marian Bantjes and Louis Fishauf.

Marian’s website should come with a seizure warning! (I’ve never been so overwhelmed with pattern and that I wanted to pull my eyes out, until I tapped into her website.) Regardless, I really am impressed by her textile designs and patterns, especially in her book covers.


Her use of physical texture is also pretty interesting, for example, to create the design on the fan, she used nail polish!


Props to thinking out of the usual toolbox!      http://www.bantjes.com/ (you’ve been warned)
Louis Fishauf’s (website is beautiful) minimalist editorial design is very eye-catching.
His placement of text in this spread for example.


His graphic design is definitely attention-getting, fun and colorful, and a little chaotic with graphics but not insane. lfishauf3
http://www.fishauf.com/portfolio/ (it’s pretty)

It was really neat looking at both of these artists, I learned two things for sure:

1) You can do so many things with your artwork or aesthetic sense, so go for it all.
2) Be kind to the design students, and do not ever use swirlies on your website background.

Nancy Stahl & Jean Tuttle

23 Sep

This week’s blog assignment was for us to study the styles of Nancy Stahl and Jean Tuttle.
Both designers’ have a very vibrant taste in color, although Nancy’s is a bit more subtle (maybe even more mature) compared to Jean’s cartoon brightness; they are also similar in their use of shape and line.

I really liked Nancy’s strategic texture working in her paintings, such as in this one, where she uses the brush strokes to frame the figure as well as make her pop out.Image

In this one, she uses implied texture in an overall wash (so it appears) seen mostly in the background, accented with simple graphics that help tell the story.


Jean’s style is definitely line focused (which I really relate to and appreciate, because I feel my style is as well) and her bright color and bold pattern themes are well coordinated and encite happy feelings.




She also is able to clearly represent a message in a very clever, and (frankly) cute way.
I wanted to mention her doodle style too, it’s so precious! captured my heart.


It was really interesting looking at their portfolios and bios, as they are both great designers.


Creative Project 1 -Mythical Creature VER.2

22 Sep

Creative Project 1 -Mythical Creature VER.2

Our current creative project using Adobe Illustrator. (This is stage 1 -it will be our project over the next few weeks)

Added a face, some shading and more to the background, using shapes and pencil tools.


Creative Project 1-Mythical Creature

19 Sep

Creative Project 1-Mythical Creature

Our current creative project using Adobe Illustrator. (This is stage 1 -it will be our project over the next few weeks)

I originally chose a fox/centaur collab, however, it turned out a little too Nintendo and not enough Mythical. So I resorted back to the…normal…centaur.
Using shapes to build the main base, I then formed some together or traced over them with the freehand tool. I’m excited to add a ridiculous amount of detail, now that I’ve gotten the gist of how to use this crazy program.

Ron Chan

11 Sep

One of my assignments this week was to study several artists who use Illustrator, and Mr. Ron Chan was the springboard –well, I didn’t end up jumping off into the pool of other artists because I was so enamoured with his own artwork. (Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be browsing the others too…eventually)

His simple, clean-line (yet chalky), retro style instantly took me back about ten years to my favorite children’s book, “Harry the Dirty Dog“.


I’m just smitten with this simplistic 2D figures and use of line. So charming!Image

I also love how each of his pieces tell a story -this one just cracks me up.Image

And although his theme carries a very nostalgic (50’s-)60’s sense with the block shapes, color scheme and layout, the more you look the more you see that it’s equally relevant and modern -a story of it’s own . The only thing I didn’t like, was that there weren’t more pages of his work to look through!

Mr. Ron Chan’s artwork and legacy really makes me smile, and inspires me to keep moving forward.


30 Aug

is a magazine for digital artists of all kinds, created in 1963.


Browsing through the website, several pages really popped out at me; like tutorials page, featuring a webinar of Wes Maggio (a WACOM specialist) demonstrating how to utilize your tablet in all applications. The only thing that disappointed me about this, was that not only was it the only tutorial, but it was also a year old. I hope they post something new, seeing as how we digital artists live off tutorials as much as coffee.

GDUSA also holds links to design contests, ranging from public service announcements to packaging. I’ve always had an appreciation for out-of-the-box packaging design (is that an oxymoron?) so looking through the past winners was really inspiring. I have to say, my favorite was the Woody (Toy Story) toy box.


GDUSA’s fresh outlook and current news has caught my interest, and I look forward to keeping up with it!

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